We have emerged as a highly reliable and trusted manufacturer and supplier of Caps & Closures.  The caps and closures, offered by us are widely demanded by the clients for their unmatched quality as well as wide utility. The caps are used for numerous packaging purposes in different industrial sectors.


S.No Neck Size Neck Type Cap Type
1 19mm ROPP Cap
2 19mm ROPP Inner Plug
3 19mm ROPP Fliptop Cap
4 25mm ROPP Pharma Cap
5 25mm ROPP Fliptop Cap
6 25mm ROPP Inner plug
7 28mm 3-Start Water Cap
8 28mm 3-Start Inner Plug
9 28mm 3-Start Inner Cap
10 28mm 3 Start Handle
11 28mm PCO-1810 Fliptop Cap
12 28mm PCO-1811 Fliptop Cap
13 28mm PCO-1810 Juice Cap
14 28mm PCO-1810 Inner Cap
15 28mm PCO-1810 Push Pull Cap
16 28mm PCO-1810 Trigger Cap
17 28mm PCO-1810 Lotion Pump
18 28mm PCO-1881 Juice Cap Without Liner
19 28mm PCO-1881  CSD Cap without Liner
20 28mm PCO-1881  CSD Cap with Liner
21 28mm PCO-1881 Juice Cap with Liner
22 28mm Alcoa Metal Cap
23 29mm Long Neck Long Neck Cap
24 36mm 3 Start Pilfer Proof Cap
25 36mm 3 Start Handle
26 36mm 3 Start Dummy
27 46mm 3 Start 5 Ltr Cap
28 46mm 3 Start 5 Ltr Handle
29 38mm Ropp 38mm Cap
30 38mm Ropp 38mm Doom Cap
31 53mm Ropp 53mm Cap
32 53mm Ropp 53mm Doom Cap
33 53mm Ropp 53mm Plain Cap
34 63mm Ropp 63mm Cap
35 69mm Ropp 69mm Doom Cap
36 73mm Ropp 73mm Cap
37 73mm Ropp 73mm Doom Cap
38 83mm Ropp 83mm Cap
39 83mm Ropp 83mm Doom Cap
40 83mm Ropp 83mm Handle Cap
41 96mm Ropp 96mm Cap
42 120mm Ropp 120mm Handle Cap